About Me
type Akshay = Developer | Metalhead | Geek | Nerd;

putStrLn "Hello world";

I am Akshay, a full-stack web developer with an obsession for writing functional, maintainable, performant code. I live in Mumbai, India. I am passionate about JavaScript, Linux, writing open source software and all things tech.
Functional programmer to the core, I like working with and building software that are written as small building blocks that compose together to form a usable application.

I absolutely love working on open source projects in my free time. I've authored a few js libraries like algebraic-effects, enum-fp, pipey, pattern-lock-js. If linux is your thing, you can check out, shotkey, bsp-layout. If you like what I make, you can buying me a coffee.

Also, I love music. A lot! Some of my favorite artists at the time of writing this are Amon Amarth, Tool, Polyphia, Gojira, Chon, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Foo Fighters, etc.